One Vegan Entrepreneur Can Revolutionize an Industry
The Collective Power of Fifty Can Change the World

Introducing the World’s “First Elite Mastermind” for Visionary Vegan Business Owners and The Unstoppable Network You Can’t Just Buy Your Way Into

Compassionpreneur Elite represents a carefully selected group of leaders

We adopt unconventional thinking, defy conventional norms, embrace nontraditional approaches, and consistently accomplish what's deemed 'impossible.'

Leading at the top can feel like a solitary path

As a high achiever, the complexities you face are intertwined with your strengths. You deal with a unique set of challenges—issues many would envy, yet for you, they are part of everyday life. Our ambitions are vast, occasionally overwhelming those we aim to motivate. Despite being high achievers, we sometimes perform below our potential because there are fewer genuine challengers in our circle.

Start Date: October 1, 2024

Travel Dates: January 18/24 | September 7/24

Location: In-person - Vancouver, Canada

Compassionpreneur: Brain

Compassionpreneur: Body

Compassionpreneur: Business

Outstanding CEOs and leaders aren't simply born; they are shaped and created over time.

To be considered for membership, you must fulfill these preliminary criteria before your session with our Compassionpreneur Business Analyst:

The Collective Power of Fifty Can Change the World

Compassionpreneur Elite Mastermind is a selective community crafted for top-tier vegan entrepreneurs, including business owners, founders, and CEOs. We deeply respect and admire your achievements, with business revenues ranging from substantial six figures to over nine figures annually. You have attained notable levels of success and are poised to achieve even greater heights. This pursuit isn’t driven by ego; it’s a commitment to leveraging your unique abilities and resources for a larger, impactful purpose. In this exclusive network, you are expected to openly and honestly exchange insights about your entrepreneurial triumphs with peers and our impact partners. Selection for membership considers what each individual contributes in terms of distinct expertise, resources, and knowledge. A strict confidentiality agreement ensures that all discussions within the group remain private.

The truth is, the grander the vision you aim to bring to life, the greater the need for support, resources, insightful guidance, connections, and revitalization that transcends the everyday. This community is designed to provide precisely that—empowering you to soar beyond conventional limits.

Limited to just 50 members

Come together!

Compassionpreneur is more than just a mastermind; it's an exclusive club for elite vegan business leaders committed to leveraging their influence for greater compassion in business practices. Like any prestigious club, we offer a variety of resources—some members immerse themselves fully, while others select what best suits their needs.


Compassionpreneur Elite is a community of Extraordinary Compassionate leaders

  • You're searching for a community of remarkable individuals who motivate and inspire you.

  • Your refusal to adhere to conventional thinking is precisely why others are drawn to follow you.

  • You aim to establish a business that ranks among the top 5% of the most efficiently run companies globally.

  • You are devoted to mastering the art of building people, setting you apart from your competitors.

  • You're unphased by the prospect of criticism.

  • Creating a business with a human touch is crucial, and you are committed to developing it ethically.

  • You are a visionary leader whose ambitious dreams surpass those around you.

  • You seek to engage with intriguing individuals who expand your thinking.

  • You are driven by a mission so grand that no obstacle can deter you, or you are primed to embark on one.

  • You're prepared to elevate your mind to heights previously unimaginable to you.

  • You're set to enhance your physical health and energy levels to unprecedented heights.

  • Your ultimate aim transcends financial gain and acknowledgment – it’s freedom.

Compassionpreneur Elite is NOT the place for you if:

  • If you're not dedicated to refining your brilliance and enhancing your exceptional skills further each year, there are better environments for you than CE.

  • If you're not open to being in the company of individuals who are even more remarkable, then CE is not the suitable setting for you.

  • If you are not committed to investing in your business growth and your personal growth, CE is NOT the place for you.

  • If you're not dedicated to generating at least a tenfold return on your investment in terms of time, money, energy, and relationships, then CE is not the appropriate choice for you.

The Three Pillars of Success

As a Compassionpreneur, we concentrate on three key areas: brain, body, and business.

When your brain is functioning optimally, it elevates your entire life. Similarly, when your body is energized and performing at its peak, your business and personal life thrive. With these foundations in place, our focus shifts to business—particularly the human aspect. I believe that, at its core, business is about people. Through this program, you'll learn to lead on an entirely different level, transforming how you interact with and lead others.

The Compassionpreneur Elite Mastermind

At first, we will engage in a comprehensive review of critical areas to set the foundation for your growth. This will include a Business Audit, Time Audit, Health Audit, Brain Audit, Energy Audit, and People Building Audit.


You will complete a detailed questionnaire to delve deeply into your business's current state. This audit will cover strategic aspects such as your products and services, teams, prevailing challenges, and overarching goals. This thorough inquiry will help us pinpoint areas for immediate improvement and align our strategies to propel your business forward.


We will examine how you allocate your time across various business activities and personal commitments to identify potential inefficiencies and areas where your time could be better spent. This audit aims to optimize your productivity and ensure your schedule aligns with your strategic objectives.


In this audit, we'll evaluate your current health habits, nutritional choices, and physical activity levels to identify changes that can enhance your overall well-being. A healthier you leads to a more energetic and effective leader.


This focuses on your mental health and cognitive functions. We'll explore strategies to enhance your mental clarity, decision-making capabilities, and emotional resilience, ensuring your brain is primed for peak performance.


We'll assess your daily energy levels and uncover patterns or habits that may be draining your vitality. This audit is designed to help you maintain high energy throughout the day, which is essential for sustained business success.


This audit will assess your leadership style and organizational culture. You'll answer questions designed to uncover how effectively you're building relationships and leading your people. The audit will also identify opportunities to enhance team cohesion and develop more robust, productive interpersonal connections.

Through these comprehensive audits, we will establish a solid foundation for your growth, ensuring that every aspect of your personal and professional life is aligned with your goals.


Following your audits, you will receive a call from Shane.

During this critical consultation, we'll discuss the insights and findings from your audits. Based on this comprehensive understanding, we will develop a 12-month roadmap tailored to your journey through the mastermind. This plan will guide you, outlining strategic milestones and actionable steps. Along with the roadmap, you'll receive a list of immediate actions designed to catalyze significant breakthroughs immediately.


You'll have the chance to join Shane & Team for live group training sessions three times a week- every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

These meetings are designed to address your questions and cover key areas such as marketing, leadership, mindset, health, and business operations training. If you're unable to attend a session, don't worry—all calls are recorded, allowing you to catch up at your convenience. Additionally, you'll update on your achievements and discuss any challenges. During these interactions, we'll provide insightful feedback and give you three actionable steps to focus on for the week ahead, ensuring you're always moving forward.


You will gain entry to an exclusive WhatsApp chat reserved for you, Shane, and the other ten members of your group. This private channel is ideal for daily communications and sharing insights. Additionally, you'll have access to a Facebook group exclusively for Compassionpreneur Mastermind members, providing a broader platform to connect and network.

To ensure diverse interactions, we'll rotate the group compositions each month, allowing you to forge deeper connections with every member.

We will also identify three members from across all the groups who could be your most strategic connections. These introductions are designed to enhance your networking opportunities, accelerate your professional growth, and help you achieve your goals more efficiently. We're committed to providing you with the best possible support for your success.


Join us for two transformative two-day events throughout the year in Vancouver, Canada. If you're unable to attend in person, you have the option to participate via live stream. These events provide an intensive and intimate setting with Shane, our team, and a lineup of exceptional guest speakers. The small group size ensures that you receive plenty of personal attention.

PLUS – When you attend in person, Shane will personally identify your "Top 3 Connects" at the event and share why he believes these connections will be particularly beneficial for you. This tailored networking opportunity is designed to help you forge valuable relationships and advance your goals.


This is the only mastermind I know of where your success isn't just expected—it's assured. Rest assured; I am fully dedicated to bringing tangible value to your business. Here's my promise: if you actively implement all the strategies we discuss in every session, and truly dedicate yourself to the process, you will recoup your initial investment within the first year. If not, I will personally refund the difference. Moreover, many members will see returns that are not just double, but up to ten times their initial investment and more. We aim not just to meet your investment but to significantly exceed it. I have meticulously designed every aspect of this mastermind to ensure your decision to join is beneficial and decisively straightforward.

The Compassiopreneur Model

The Hidden Strategy to Achieve Millions Without Building an Audience

In today's business world, understanding and mastering the people side of operations isn't just an option—it's your competitive edge. With the Compassionpreneur Model, you're not just running a business but cultivating a community. This isn't just about filling a gap; it's about transforming challenges—like social media bans or drops in SEO rankings—into opportunities. Whether aiming to reach $1 million or $50 million, putting people first through systematic strategies ensures thriving numbers.

By focusing on this aspect, the investment in our training could triple its value yearly for a lifetime. The Compassionpreneur method is unique, breaking away from traditional models that operate in silos, offering a 360-degree approach that covers every facet of human interaction in business.

Shane has spent years fine-tuning this model, from spearheading a global compassion movement that collaborates with billion-dollar brands to maintaining key relationships with CEOs, ultimately landing him on the boards of $100 million companies. Our method is about more than just transactions; it's about making people feel valued daily, accelerating business growth in ways that traditional strategies can't match.

This isn't science; it's an art that your competitors likely won't take time to master. You'll learn there's virtually no competition, only potential collaborators, even among those you might consider rivals.

Scaling your business is only possible with great people. Yet, many business owners need more emotional intelligence to achieve this. Don't let this barrier hold you back. Develop the skills to connect, lead, and inspire people to drive exponential growth.

Phase One

Feel the Change: Emotional Intelligence for Pioneering Entrepreneurs

Great leaders recognize that they operate in the realm of emotions. They gain a significant edge over competitors by consistently fostering positive emotional environments. Our model begins with mastering the art of making people feel good—this is the foundation for the subsequent phases of the Compassionpreneur process. Built on the pillars of self-awareness and compassion, these essential tools significantly empower business owners to increase their profits and earn recognition as top-tier leaders.

Phase Two

Beyond Networking: Creating Deep Connections With Strategic Business Partners

This is where strategy, emotions, and human relationships converge to unlock potential revenue streams ranging from millions to as much as $50 million. This method has been our blueprint for significantly enhancing cash flow. By embracing this process, you are poised to boost profits and forge lasting relationships that can catalyze unprecedented business growth. We excel at this because we blend strategy with a deep commitment to nurturing relationships, outperforming 99% of the market. This is how you establish some of the most formidable business relationships in the industry. Why? Because you master the art of strategic foresight and emotional connection better than anyone else.

Phase Three

The Complete Relationship Builder: Transforming Business Through Relationships

Imagine the possibilities if you never let a single contact slip through the cracks. Building deep, meaningful relationships over time could open doors to opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. Envision doing business with 100-million-dollar tycoons, billionaires, and some of the most influential people in the world. What would your success look like then? Our Complete Relationship Builder equips you to forge these powerful connections.

Many companies lose millions searching for the next big thing when simply enhancing their commitment to the human touch could catapult them ahead of the competition. An endless source of referrals is invaluable.

By following our Relationship Builder model, you'll see a tremendous impact on your business's bottom line and contribute significantly to the betterment of humankind. Imagine the untapped potential in excellent follow-through. In today's fast-paced world, 99% of people lose countless opportunities due to mediocre engagement. Are you ready to join the elite 1% who amplify their business growth by 100 times?

In the current business landscape, building stronger relationships with your network and client base is not just important; it's crucial. Let The Complete Relationship Builder show you how to master this art, making every connection count and setting the stage for unprecedented growth and influence.

Business has evolved dramatically over the last two decades; today, emotional intelligence (EQ) matters more than IQ. Building a successful business without a deep understanding and daily implementation of emotional intelligence is nearly impossible in our interconnected world.

The internet has given people more choices than ever before, and unless you integrate a high level of EQ into your business model, people will gravitate towards companies that do. It's about constructing a more human-centric model that incorporates happiness, compassion, well-being, and peace beyond just financial success.

You must recognize that emotional intelligence is your competitive advantage to avoid losing substantial business and people. Improving your EQ isn't just an option; it's necessary for the future of business. The Compassionpreneur aspect of our program focuses on enhancing all these elements. Our approach ensures that you harness the transformative power of EQ to create a thriving, resilient business environment where relationships drive success and growth.

Shane has been obsessed with mastering this, and it's one of the reasons he chose to embed the word "compassion" into our company name.

Emotional intelligence is the prerequisite to being an exceptional leader.

The Compassionpreneur Elite Mastermind Is The Way

What can you expect as your return on investment from joining Compassionpreneur? If it's not at least 10x, you must push the envelope harder. In Compassionpreneur, you will master the art of multiplying your time, money, energy, and relationships—exponentially.

Members of our vibrant community will achieve remarkable feats:

  • Raisie millions for their charities

  • Secure partnerships with top-tier investors

  • Significantly boost their income

  • Collaborate with global leaders

  • Add many more healthy years to their lifespan

  • Evolve to a master level of leading people

  • Inspire others by visibly committing to your own personal and professional growth

  • Leave a lasting legacy by improving the world for future generations

  • Develop a higher-level skill set to enhance your business operations significantly

Compassionpreneur Elite is by application only 

Membership is on an annual basis: We aim for you to renew your membership each year because we firmly believe that as the relationships within the group deepen, you'll experience substantial growth in the second and third years. At this point, the group starts to feel more like a family. I am convinced we all can benefit from an additional family—a community of people who share our values and aspirations.

If you're accepted to join Compassionpreneur: We'll challenge you to step beyond the success you've already achieved to reach new heights. If our mission, which is at the heart of everything we do, resonates with you and you consider yourself a standout individual, I encourage you to apply for membership.

Compassionpreneur is an exclusive community limited to just 50 members.

The first step on this path is to fill out your application. We’ll evaluate your submission and get in touch with the following steps. I am excited about the prospect of embarking on this journey together.

Join Us

Limited T0 Just 50 Members

The Best Mastermind & Coaching Program On The Planet!

Our Purpose: the world is a thousand times better because of the work we have done.

Start Date

October 1, 2024

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